Yes, I’m talking to you, new website friend
I see you, and I want to get to know you more!

OK, I can’t actually see you, that would be weird!

But, I’m going to guess that you’re here because you’re outdoorsy, adventurous and ambitious, and ready to explore the possibilities with your business?

Either that, or you’re an old school friend at the bottom of a facebook-stalking rabbit hole?? Hello, let’s be friends again!

I’m also going to guess, that you:

– have an amazing outdoor/eco business or a cracking idea for one!

– have a MASSIVE business to-do list that just.keeps.growing

– want to be outside, not brand designing or trying to DIY your own website!

…but, you want your business to look good online, like, yesterday?

hey, I’m Hannah!

I help outdoor enthusiasts and planet lovers like you, ‘do good stuff’!

I’m a skier, mountain-biker (in the loosest sense of the word!), hiker, Yorkshire Tea addict and general lover of new experiences! When I’m not out exploring, I design good stuff, be it your dreamy new website, or the business card you just gave to the guy in the pub.

I’m passionate about the outdoors, adventure, travel and sustainability, and I combine this with my skills in graphic and web design to work with outdoor and eco businesses to spread the planet love and hopefully get more people outside, having fun, appreciating our planet and living more mindfully!

Want to work together to create magic?

so, why the name, Do Good Stuff?

Here are a few of my core principles:


The world is an incredible place, and I carry my child-like wonder into adulthood, constantly in awe of my surroundings. I love to share this with others and I believe, that the best way to inspire people to respect our planet and for them to really fall in love with it, is through adventure and exploring.

That’s why, one of my biggest priorities in life, is getting outside and doing good stuff, and I love to inspire others to do the same. 


We have been tricked! Tricked into thinking that we need more stuff – money makes the world go round, right? wrong…

In a world of pathological consumerism, I strive to live more simply and to collect a portfolio of experiences, rather than things. I also try to be a little more consious with everyday consumerism, and be mindful of the decisions I make. (Fun fact for you: this website is powered by Green Energy!)

work/life balance

If I could give you a gift, it would be time. I’ve always been quite conscious of my work/life balance, and I’ve never worked a 9-5 job in my life. My ultimate goal, is to help others achieve this balance too, so we can all spend more time doing good stuff, at work and play!

Give me some of your business To-Do list, and spend more of your time, doing whatever outdoorsy thing it is that you love!


By working specifically with outdoor, adventure and eco companies, I see Do Good Stuff as a catalyst for getting more people outside, appreciating our planet and living more mindfully.

want to see more of what i do?

a little more about me

I graduated from uni, with a First Class Honours degree in Environmental Geography, but all I really knew was that I did NOT want an office job. I applied for a few roles, because they had the word “job” in the title and I thought that’s what I “should” do! Needless to say, they were a no-go!

So, off to Austria I went, where I did everything from cleaning toilets, running chalets, guiding excursions/ski days and managing teams, you name it!

I thoroughly enjoyed working in tour ops – I met and worked with amazing people in awesome places and got plenty of time outside! (If you’re after an introduction to working and living abroad, earning money as you travel and have fun – this is a great way to do it! Click here to find out more (and no, that isn’t an affiliate link, but the company I worked for were pretty damn good and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities they gave me!)

However, after 15 amazing seasons, part of me realised I wanted bigger things, so I decided to build my creative business from the ground up and adopt a life of nomadery, where I could live from my laptop and have the freedom to earn and travel at the same time… so here we are. Welcome to my world!

How can I help you with your dreams? It’s your turn now…

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