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the booking process

  1. Fill in the form below, as much detail as possible is great because it’ll give me a good idea if we’re the #dreamteam
  2. I’ll give it a read over, and if your business needs match what I can offer, I’ll send you a link to book a consultation call
  3. During the call we’ll get to know each other, I’ll ask loads of questions about your business, your goals and requirements etc and of course, you can ask all your questions too
  4. I’ll send you a detailed proposal, contract and payment schedule, with a link to pay the first payment (I normally invoice 50% upfront and 50% on completion)
  5. You love the proposal (fingers crossed!), sign it and pay the first payment
  6. I get giddy and excited, and send you client creative briefs/questionnaires and lists of what I need from you
  7. You complete and send me everything I need before the project start date
  8. I get to work!

(this form is not exclusively for bookings – you can use it just to contact me if you wish) You can also check out my FAQ if you have any questions prior to booking).



ooooh i'm excited already!

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