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Hiya lovely humans! I’ve had a busy month working with Bex and Martha from Gowaan Gals, to completely re-do their website, so today, I’m going to share all the details with you! I’ve also been travelling round Bali for the last 3 weeks because yano… hard life! If you don’t already follow me on instagram, go check it out for lots of dreamy pictures from somewhere where it’s currently raining harder than in England (hard to believe I know! But it hasn’t been like this the whole time I’ve been here thankfully, and it’s quite a refreshing break from the sun, and perfect for motivating me to get some work done!).

So, a little Gowaan Gals company background, first of all. Bex and Martha are both Enduro Mountain Bike athletes and they set up Gowaan to get more people out on bikes, and to give back to the mountain bike community. They have an online shop, run an annual womens bike festival, do coaching sessions and group rides and all sorts of crazy stuff both on and off the bike, AND they both ride professionally. So it’s fair to say, that they’re both very busy people, and need a sick website! So that’s where I came in!

– Feeling impatient and just want to see the website? Click here to check it out!!

Gowaan already had an established brand, with logo, colour palette and font, and had an existing WordPress website design they weren’t too happy with – so I was left to work my magic and create something they were proud of. The aim was to showcase all that their brand stands for, be playful and down-to-earth but professional, and be a place they can sell all their cool products, and their festival tickets. Most of the copy they wrote themselves, and I installed a few cool plugins to achieve unique design features, which I’ll give an overview of later. For now, here’s an example page from their site:

A playful design, full of information and strategically placed buttons to guide the user on their ‘website journey’ and promote sales of their products/tickets! I also designed a custom footer complete with two menus, email sign-up form, social follows and ticket sales plug.

This was the feedback:

Been awesome working with Hannah, from the get-go she understood our brand and was thorough with asking all the right questions and guided us with great questionnaires. We never could have imagined our website to suit us and our brand so well but Hannah got it bob on! Thanks for all the work, super slick program and would highly recommend for anyone who wouldn’t know where to start with having a website!

Bex Baraona – Gowaan Gals

Here’s the plugins used to achieve certain design features:

  • Cool Timeline – to get a really cool, story timeline that even made Bex emotional when she first read it all! This plugin is awesome and allows you to colour-brand the timeline, add links, pictures and animation. I like how it brought the homepage together, packs in a lot of information and really paints the company picture well.
  • Youtube Embed – allows embedding of Youtube videos alone, as playlists or an entire channel. I used it to embed their entire channel on the homepage, and a singular video on the festival page.
  • Instagram Feed – allowing embedding of multiple instagram feeds onto the website. There’s a pro version which allows more style options, but for all the plugins on this site, the free versions were more than suitable for what we needed.
  • Woo-Commerce – the most widely used e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This was already installed on the website, so all I needed to do was make a few updates. Nice and easy!
  • Woo-Commerce Product Image Flipper – flips product images on hover which is an amazing feature for the shop! Especially as many of their designs have different colours, or designs on the reverse.
  • Divi Supreme – I love this plugin! It comes with several free features extra to what Divi (my theme of choice) provide and allows you to create some more unique designs. There’s also a pro version which has even more options, but we went for the free one.
  • Kadence – woo-commerce email customiser, allows customisation of the emails which customers receive when purchasing a product.
  • Use Any Font – a super handy plugin when your font isn’t in the font directory, or part of Google Fonts. This plugin allows the upload of any font file, and cascades it throughout your website. Boom!

(If any of these plugin’s peak your interest, stay tuned for my tutorial mini series for a more in-depth look at them and how to use them)

Head to Gowaan Gals website to check it out! and also maybe buy a festival ticket/some cool bike stuff because they’re pretty awesome and their mission is super inspiring – if you’re a UK-based female mountain-biker, their festival is a no-brainer if you’re up for a lot of laughs and what to improve on your bike!

Right, back to wordpress website design. WordPress is one of the most common content management systems and powers around 35% of the internet (Source: who is hosting this and Netcraft) and is popular with website DIY-ers. However, that being said, it’s far from user-friendly if you’re new to it! There are plenty of theme options (I use Divi – which is amazing, and if you’re a client of mine, you get lifetime updates for freeeeee!) and there’s basically a plugin for just about everything you could want to achieve. So! If you fancy yourself a new wordpress website, but don’t fancy a DIY wordpress website design job, get in touch and let’s create magic together. I also provide you with a website walk-through and a series of mini tutorials to refer back to when you make your own updates down the line!

Not turned on by WordPress website design, AT ALL? Panic not, it’s not for everyone! Head over to Squarespace and take a look at their website hosting plans. It’s a good, all-in-one option and you can create some beautiful things. (PS. if you still want someone to do the designing for you… I offer Squarespace website design too! #winning).

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That’s it for today, lovely people!

Thanks for reading! x

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