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questions, questions, questions

Who am I? Who is Do Good Stuff?

Hi! Do Good Stuff, is just me, Hannah! You can learn more about me and how I got to where I am now, HERE

Where am I based?

I am from Sheffield, UK, but my little laptop and I, like to travel around, so I work from wherever… #livingthedream

Do I only work with UK clients?

Nope! I work with clients from all over the place, and use things like Zoom to have video meetings and communicate mainly through email.

How long will a project take to complete?

This depends on exactly what the project entails, but I try to be as efficient with my time as possible (I like spending time outside too!). I also only tend to have one major client at a time, so I can focus 100% on that project. As a guide, a branding and website design project should take 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the website.

How do payments work?

I usually invoice 50% deposit upfront, and 50% on completion of the project, that way you’re not hit with a one off payment at the end, and it also smooths out my finances (got to make sure I can afford plenty of Yorkshire Tea!) The invoice will have a “Pay Now” link in it, and you just hop on there and pay with your card details. Payments are processed securely via Stripe.

How much will a project cost?

Again, this depends on what exactly the project involves, and the complexity of it. As a rough guide, website design packages usually start at £2000 (for a 6 page site), branding starts at £1000 and graphic design varies depending on how much work is involved.

Can payments be made in a different currency?

Usually yes, but it depends what currency… we’ll chat about this during our consultation call.

How many people work on a project?

There’s just me here at Do Good Stuff! You get a totally 1:1 service, which ensures you get something you love!

What’s my favourite number?

3. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been drawn to the number 3 and as a kid, it was always the number I wrote on the door when I drew a house… Doing what I do now, it’s pretty obvious that I love good design, but I also love a bit of unevenness and things that are a bit wonky. Maybe that’s why I like the number 3… beautifully odd, but also strong – the triangle is the strongest shape…

What’s my favourite food?

Macaroni Cheese, Salt and Vinegar crisps, tomatoes (I panic if I’ve not got any in the fridge!), braised celery, homegrown runner beans and basically anything with gravy on it… (yes I’m fully aware I’m quite strange…)

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