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because you need all the pretty stuff!

Outdoor & Adventure-Inspired Graphic Design

for companies that thrive outside, seek adventure and love our planet!

beautiful graphics

So, do you remember me saying the importance of keeping things consistent throughout your brand? This is where the pretty stuff comes in! Promotional materials that match your visual identity, carry your brand voice, and speak to your ideal clients! That’s what we all need, huh?

From facebook banners and social media graphics, to information leaflets and business cards, there’s all sorts of business needs requiring beautiful, cohesive design! 

Check out my portfolio for some ideas!


what’s included?


  • Creative brief to ensure brand consistency
  • Content questionaires
  • Dive into your brand values and personality
  • Market research
  • Plenty of opportunities for feedback
  • A creative journey, with lots of choices!


This depends on what you need, and the options are pretty much endless, but here are some ideas for you:

  • Business cards
  • Facebook cover photo
  • Instagram template
  • Instagram story template
  • Social media banners
  • Leaflets
  • Digital workbooks
  • E-Books
  • Keynote Template

the result

All the pretty stuff! 

You’ll have a set of visually consistent promotional materials, perfect to start screaming your message in whatever ways you want!

Files delivered via Google Drive or Dropbox, whichever you prefer, in a variety of file formats to ensure you have everything you could possibly need to get going.


how does it work?

step 1

You’ve got your branding nailed and are ready for the next step in getting your business out there! (If you don’t have a logo, colour palette etc yet, don’t worry, we’ll start with the branding package first)

You contact me via the form on the contact page, and if your business needs match what I can offer, I’ll send you a link to book a consultation call

We have a chat about what you need and whether we’re the perfect match to work together

step 2

We’re perfect for eachother, who’d have thought it?!

I send you a proposal, contract and deposit invoice

You pay the deposit and book a slot in my calender 

step 3

I send you a creative brief and any applicable content questionaires

You fill them all in and send them back before the project start date

You send me everything I need e.g. logo files etc (I’ll give you a list)

Now the really fun bit starts! WOOHOO!

step 4

I design good stuff

I ask you for feedback on completion of the first draft of the designs

You think they’re awesome (hopefully!)

I get the go-ahead to create finals

step 5

You love it and I send over all your new pretty stuff (we also do revisions to make sure it’s perfect for you!)

You celebrate and drink something with bubbles in it – I recommend prosecco/champagne, but am also a massive beer fan! Up to you!

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